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Program Company Parliamentarians (PEP)

The Program Company Parliamentarians (PEP), initiative that promotes the Businessmen's Circle, celebrated today in the Congress of the Deputies the diplomas delivery to the integral parliamentarians of his XIX Promotion. The act was presided by the first vice-president of the Congress, Teresa Cunillera, intervening also the president of the Circle, Claudio Boada.

The whole of qualified parliamentarians in this promotion has been 85 (35 deputies and 50 senators) who have completed his stays in 29 companies, of 50 participants this year. Of the realized stays, 33 are parliamentarians of the People's Party, 47 of the Spanish Working Socialistic Party, 4 of the Group Catalán-CIU, 2 of Entesa Catalana of Progrés, 2 of the Basque Nationalistic Party and 1 of the Nationalistic Block Galego. The duration of the stays in companies ranges between five and ten days throughout one year, what facilitates enormously the participation of the parliamentarians in the program.

Diplomas delivery XIX pep

Family photo of XIX Promotion of the PEP

The Program Company Parliamentarians (PEP):

From his creation in 1987, he organizes stays of study and visits to companies for deputies, senators and europarliamentarians; seminars with parliamentarians of the Autonomous regions; days on “The company inside”, as well as diverse types of debates to facilitate the mutual knowledge between the members of the Parliament and the companies.

The PEP has an objective double: On the one hand, to facilitate to the parliamentarian a real knowledge of the company, his beginning, targets, organization, strategies and way of acting, as well as his technological and human expositions. For other, to provide to the managerial managers and his collaborators a panorama of the Spanish parliamentary reality, of the legislative process, as well as of the problems that the parliamentarians confront at local, autonomic, national level and of the European Union, when the matters treat that atañen to the managerial life.

Beginning code

International Association of Business and Parliament (IABP) was born in 1997, being the Businessmen's Circle one of the founders. With head office in London, it groups the national organizations that develop programs similar to the PEP. His target is to share experiences, to propose new initiatives and to advise to those countries that want to restore similar programs. It meets for it two times a year, in his head office of London or in some of the capitals of other countries that are part of the association. His beginning code deontológicos, shared by all the organizations, is the following one:

  1. The Programs are independent and not partisan.
  2. The Programs will have to have a reciprocally educational and informative content.
  3. The participants in these Programs bind to respect the dedication of time that needs the plan of work that settles in every case.
  4. The Programs will try to prevent the participants from spreading partisan opinions during the stays that they realize in the companies.
  5. The Programs will try also that the companies do not benefit from this relations frame to exercise pressure in favor of their own interests.
  6. The Programs will try, also, that the companies are the most open and Francs possibly, promising, in turn, the participants to support the confidentiality of the information of character reserved to that they have access during the study Stays.
  7. It is a responsibility of every national organization to realize the pursuit of its own Programs and the progress of the quality of the same ones.
  8. The participants in the Programs neither will perceive fees nor will turn out to be forced to attend to the expenses derived from the development of the same ones.
  9. The National Programs will work in favor of a major exchange between his respective parliamentarians, businessmen and officials who take part in them.
  10. The members of the international network will meet at least every two years.
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Calendar of Activities
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