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Program of Educational Cooperation

The Program of Educational Cooperation is an initiative of the Autonomous University of Madrid, of the Foundation University Company and of the Businessmen's Circle that takes as a target to obtain a solid preparation of the university pupil across a parallel formative program in the University and in the company, combining theory and practice. At present there develop two programs, one in the faculty of Economic and Managerial Sciences, and other in the faculty of Psychology of the Autonomous University of Madrid.

The first one, which it has happened to be named Cooperates, he is directed for students who study the second cycle of Licentiate of Economic or Managerial Sciences, and Business administration. The Club has been created He cooperates with the intention of keeping the group spirit alive and of providing a tie between all those who have happened for this program. The target is to have a meeting point for the associates and ancient and current students of Coopera, which reinforces his identification with the same one and offers them services for his professional development and of contacts.

The Program of Educational Cooperation of the faculty of Psychology takes as a target to provide a teaching offer faced to the formation of his pupils like specialists in the ambience of the Organizations and the Human resources. From the course 2002-2003, the Program happened to be constituted like a Proper Title of the University, so that the pupils who overcome the theoretical-practical formation obtain a Diploma of Pregrade in organization and human resources.

The Circle also takes part in the Europaean Business Program, an international program of university education to whose creation, in 1986, contributed significantly the Circle. In 2004, the president of the Circle and the rector of the University Antonio de Nebrija, signed a collaboration agreement for the development of the above mentioned program. The EBP, which till then had been given by the Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid, is managed now by the University Antonio de Nebrija, receiving this way the impulse of a prestigious University with aptitude to attract pupils of the whole Spain, granting the Spanish official qualifications of Bachelor of Administration and Business management.

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