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Program Company Magistrates Judges (PEMJ)

With the premise of which the work of the judges is in the law enforcement, a better knowledge of what is the reality in the life of the companies and his respective sectors in his multiple aspects and complexities, in a world in constant evolution, very dynamic and highly tecnificado, it will facilitate and enrich his activity related to the economic and managerial life. From the perspective of the businessmen it is clear that all the initiatives stretch to bring the administration of justice near to the daily reality of the managerial world, they constitute the best way of facilitating both the dialogue and the environment of freedom that the companies always need for his development.

  • In the year 1998 the negotiations begin with the French organization Trendy Entreprise et, pioneer of this initiative in France, and different meetings are celebrated in the successive years to know all the precedents and the experience lived by the nearby country in this matter, as well as to study the possible adequacy of a similar program in Spain. The French initiative developed in collaboration with l'Ecole Nationale of the Magistrature, has been notably successful and demonstrates that the program is a wise move, given that it allows to the judges a better knowledge of the managerial reality and of the economic life in particular.
  • In March, 2001 the Circle takes part in the days celebrated in Paris on “Entrepreneurs et Justice”, excellent meeting sponsored by the Insead that he reaffirmed to the Circle in the need to initiate in Spain all the negotiations for the starting of the Program Company Magistrates Judges.
  • In the year 2001 the meetings began with the General Council of the Judicial Power to achieve an institutional frame in which the PEMJ was developing.
  • The Program Company Magistrates Judges is promoted by the Businessmen's Circle in collaboration with the General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ) and the companies of the Businessmen's Circle that voluntarily decide to take part in the same one.
  • As result of the contacts had throughout 2001, the PEMJ began in February, 2002. Since then, the PEMJ has counted the CGPJ with inside his plan of annual formation and they have come developing the following stays in companies:
  • 2002: IBM (7 Magistrates and Judges)
  • 2004: Phone companhy (10 Magistrates and Judges)
  • 2005: Group Agbar (7 Magistrates and Judges)
  • 2006: Indra (6 Magistrates and Judges)
  • 2007: Vodafone (7 Magistrates and Judges)
  • 2008: Railroad group (9 Magistrates and Judges)
  • 2009: The Caixa (8 Magistrates and Judges)

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