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2/4/2010 - Claudio Boada in

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The Businessmen's Circle lodges in his entrails 200 societies who represent 14 % of the national wealth. Presided by Claudio Boada, this institution defends the need to reform the pensions system, but he proposes an alternative to the raised one by the Government: "We support a mixed system, where the share-out and the capitalization gets together”, points Boada. This change, which might be defined as a semiprivatization of the pensions, would allow to preserve the model of common box (share-out) and encourage, at the same time, the saving between those workpeople who want to destine part of his income to guarantee a major pension (capitalization).

Nevertheless, be which be the model that ends up by being approved, it must rely on with the consensus of the principal political parties. “It is unjust to ask the one who governs that it does the reforms alone”, points out Boada, in reference also to the next labor reform. A challenge that will demand to all the parts to bring positions over and to put on the table both the obligations, and the duties. “We have derived in a society who thinks that all sound rights and there are never duties”, he criticizes Boada.

The Circle and the reform of the pensions
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