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Photo Jose Maria Muñoz color_ (MCH) - webThe specific Committee on Social value of the Businessman has initiated his works under the presidency of Jose Maria Muñoz Domínguez. His target is of preparing a Document that will appear publicly in the next dates.

The initial idea departs from the need to deepen in some aspects at that the Document was already aiming “The enterprising spirit: essential element to confront the Spanish economic crisis”. In this one one was emphasizing that “the enterprising spirit will have to redeem a determinant function in the overcoming of the crisis and in the establishment of a more modern and competitive productive structure”.

In more than one occasion the Circle has shown his conviction that an economic model based on the suspicion towards the businessman and in his unjust demonización it is simply a model exposed to the defeat, with serious damage for all, including the future generations. It seems obvious that the future will not be able to be constructed against the businessmen but, much on the contrary, it is constructed by the businessmen.

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