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What differs to the Circle of other business associations?

The activity of the Circle is that of a center of thought that does not defend concrete interests, activity that corresponds to another type of institutions. The Circle deals with suggesting ideas, from a managerial perspective, which they should favor the best economic development for the sake of the Spanish society in his set.

How is the Circle financed?

Exclusively across the quotas of his associates. It does not receive any type of subsidy either public or private. It is, therefore, completely independent from any type of power.

Is Quienés part of the Circle?

The Circle is integrated by natural persons, businessmen and the first executives of the principal companies that operate in Spain and that share an interest and a worry for the socioeconomic environment.

What are the principal topics that worry to the Circle?

To the Circle he is worried by all those economic topics that have a narrow relation with the well-being of the Spanish society. And more in particular those that are related to the big structural reforms that the Spanish economy needs for his best development. Between the principal ambiences of reform that the Circle proposes there are the labor market, the regulative frame, the education (given the extraordinary importance of the human capital) and the fiscal policy in a wide sense.

The Circle and the reform of the pensions
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Calendar of Activities
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