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Welcome of the President

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Claudio Boada Pallerés
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The Businessmen's Circle takes as a principal target the study, the publication and promotion of the function of the free company in the frame of the market economy, like essential factor of economic and social progress, to the service of the common good and for the sake of whom at the company they are employed, of the investors, of the providers, of the clients and of the consumers. In this process the Circle claims the image of the businessman like creator of wealth and generator of progress, and contributes ideas of economic policy in order to contribute to the well-being of the Spanish society in his set. We do this contribution from an absolute independence, and the financing of our activities comes only and exclusively of the quotas of the associates. All of them are executive and proprietary high places of out-standing companies, but we defend concrete interests not neither from sectors, nor from companies, nor from persons.

The documents across which we express our opinions are prepared by the proper businessmen, associates of the Circle, who grouped in his different committees, reflect on the economic and social reality and formulate future proposals on the base of a consensus. We do not give up, in any case, resting on the criterion of renowned experts when the specialization of the topics that worry us this way advises it.

The activity of the Circle, both like center of debate and opinion, and in his programs of cooperation with the society, is reflected punctually in this web along which we invite them to sail and from the one that we are opened for his suggestions and comments. Welcome and thank you very much for his visit.

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